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Over 150,000 companies use Salesforce CRM to grow their businesses by strengthening customer relationships. Customer Relationship Management helps companies understand their customers' needs and solve problems by better managing customer information and interactions — all on a single platform that’s always accessible from any desktop or device.

Salesforce is the world’s No.#1 customer relationship management (CRM) platform.

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Topics to be covered:

Cloud computing services
Market demand
Job Opportunities
Current market Pay scale

AMEBI’s teams include Business Development Team, Software Development Team, BPO, Recruitment Team and Client Recruitment Team. Each team is focused and works towards a defined aim. You will encounter brain-storming sessions where expert minds sit together and come up with innovative ideas which when put into action produces excellent results. Working with some of the biggest brand names here will boost your career. AMEBI believes in setting new standards for itself and working hard enough to break them and set better ones. Our appraisal system is aimed to encourage the employees to perform better by rewarding them with what they deserve. Your team manager or leader will set appropriate goals and targets for you that will lead you on the path of growth both professionally and personally. And once you prove your capability, there is no stopping you. You will be entrusted with bigger responsibilities and roles in your particular domain.

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Bijay Kumar Saha (Trainer)

8+ Years of experience in CRM space that includes Application development, Administration, Configuration, Implementation, Integration and Data Migration experience.Certified Application and System Architect in Salesforce. Having 12 Certification in Salesforce.

Worked with IT giants like Adobe Systems, PriceWater House Cooper(Big 4 Company) , Accenture and currently working as Technical Architect and Senior Technical Consultant with Creation Technology Solution , London, UK
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