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Smart Water Meter


Water is precious and limited resource. Most cities worldwide are either already facing or will soon face water crisis. Individual water metering os a proven method to bring sensitivity towards water wastage amongst the residents helping save over 35% water and money. Besides, when people starting paying for only what they consume, the society benefits by being fair to all.


1. Accurate and effortless water metering.

2. Real-time monitoring of water distribution and leakages

3. Control water supply in an event of leakage or implementation rationing or any other maintenance measure.

4. Greater transparency to the over all water distribution process.

What do you get?

1. AMEBI - free Smart water metering solution

2. Meter Management Dashboard for higher authorities (facility managers)

3. Smartphone(Android/iOS) app for the lifetime of the meter

4. Automated Bill delivery to the consumers via e-mail or SMS.

5. Consumer Dashboard with payment gateway facility.

6. 1 year end to end warranty on meter and solution.

7. Prompt and proactive customer support.