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Online Radio

Gone are the days when the Indian Radio Industry was limited to the state only. Today, Radio has truly matured as a medium of communication and is growing in every way possible. Improvements in technology, competition and an increased reach of the Radio are all factors responsible for the growth of the Radio Industry. Commercial Radio is a radio station that generates revenue through advertising, also called radio commercials, radio spots or advertising jingles.

The advertisements are released by companies which find the commercial radio to be a good medium to take their message to their customers. Several companies also sponsor popular program to reach out to their audience. However, the commercial radio should have a large listener base to attract the advertisers. This, in turn, depends on the kinds of program the radio station broadcasts and how easily people can access the radio station. It is interesting to note here that India is not the only country where commercial radio has failed to attract advertisers. The average share of radio in global advertising ranges from 5 to 10 per cent across the world. This compares poorly with ad revenues that are garnered by the print and television industry. So to target global listeners AMEBI can help you with the new idea “Live Radio mobile App”. Live Radio is an idea to stay connected with Radio listeners throughout the globe, which is not possible through Radio frequency and having limited area of coverage. Due to which we are missing valuable listeners who were away from the state but now AMEBI can help you to keep connected with your regular listeners and could connect throughout the globe. The idea “Live Radiomobile app” can also bring you more business from sponsors. AMEBI provides you mobile application for Live Radio in which there is an advertisement space where you can put several companies ad, which can boost your revenue and also no of mobile app downloads bring you more advertisements from Google as an add on to it.

We are ready with the Mobile app and server setup to demonstrate before you.

Point to Point Live Video Streaming

AMEBI comes up with an idea of Point to Point Live Video Streaming which helps Clients to stream all kind of video shoot live with the help of mobile handset and Camera instead of using costly setups like OB Van and Cameras. Through our mobile app you could shoot from field and it will be directly start streaming from the Studio. Internet plays a vital role in this case. This Software application has all kind of operations as per your need like resolution, frame rates, Bit rate, FPS etc. Successful implementation of this idea could save your huge budget.

In simple term AMEBI’s Point to point Live Video Streaming software save your time, budget and man power.


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